Hunting & Heritage  |  11/23/2022

Podcast Ep. 191: Hens Abound as the Bird Dogs Put on Big Miles

This is the third episode from Rooster Road Trip XIII. Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Pheasants Forever’s Director of Marketing Andrew Vavra, Senior Regional Representative Renee Tomala, and Graphic Design Manager Logan Hinners to recap the third and fourth days of the group’s Montana hunt. Day 3 was spent battling strong winds on the picturesque Wolf Creek Block Management Area, while rain-soaked roosters highlighted Day 4’s hunt across the stunning Coffee Creek Block Management Area.  
Episode Highlights:  
  • Vavra recounts the hilarious story of finding an impressive, but stinky, pair of pronghorn sheds. How bad did they smell? So bad that Tomala wouldn’t approach a dog on point that was downwind from Vavra.  
  • Tomala takes us through a rooster-filled sequence during a rainstorm at Coffee Creek where her shooting skills and her bird dog Quill’s pointing prowess were both put on display.  
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