Recipes & Cooking  |  08/18/2020

This Week: Women, Wine & Wild Game Virtual Event


The cackle of a rooster, flushing through the tall blades of the grasslands already tinged with the rich hues of fall. A moment in time where an explosion of feathers that accompanies the rise of a covey can quite literally take your breath away. Autumn is almost here; can you feel it, the crisp new air mingling through summer’s last breath?

With the anticipation of a new season, we welcome you to join us this Thursday, August 20th at 6:00 p.m. CST for a unique spin on one of our Women on the Wing signature events, so you can enjoy an evening layered in remembrance, but with it, a much-needed promise of fall.

Our Women, Wine & Wild Game events are for all who are interested in harvesting healthy food or simply those who enjoy time spent in the uplands. These events demonstrate connections between habitat and hunting and build a larger community of passionate conservationists.

This Thursday, featured chef Danielle Prewett, wild foods contributing editor for MeatEater and founder of Wild + Whole, shares with our audience how to cook Coq au Vin, or ‘Rooster in wine.’ Danielle provides this favored recipe for all those who attend and will walk us through more of the intricate details needed to perfect this elegant dish, as she shares with us the memories that accompany it.

Cook alongside Danielle during the event, or simply sit back with a favorite glass of red and enjoy the show. Our Women, Wine & Wild Game virtual event will be recorded and available to all participants, so it’s waiting for you whenever you are ready.

As we await the shortened days with the promise of a new season nearing, we invite you to come together to celebrate the taste of the outdoors and our love for uplands that are open for all. This Thursday, August 20th at 6:00 p.m. CST, let’s raise a glass and toast the outdoors with a new and growing community of uplanders.

We hope to see you there – Cheers!

Our Women, Wine & Wild Game virtual event is made possible thanks to our sponsors, Waltons, Inc., Pheasant for Dinner, and Pretty Hunter.
Purchase tickets: $40 tickets include a $35 Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever membership, Danielle Prewett’s recipe, a recording of the event, and special offers from our sponsors after the event.