Advocating for Conservation Policy and Programs

Pheasants Forever works for America’s wildlife and natural resources in in Washington D.C. and state capitols across the country. Pheasants Forever volunteers, members and staff work hand-in-hand with America’s farmers, ranchers and landowners to implement conservation and wildlife habitat projects that compliment working farms and ranches across the nation. We also work with our state and federal agency partners on public land to enhance wildlife habitat while providing hunting, fishing and recreational access.

This interconnected web of conservation on private and public lands, while working with state and federal agencies and conservation partners, is what makes the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation the best in the world.

It takes good habitat to produce abundant wildlife. It takes solid funding and sound national and state conservation policy to help shape those habitats on public and private lands. These policy efforts originate in Congress are approved by the White House. These policies create on-the-ground and in-the-dirt programs that are ultimately delivered to states, counties and communities across the country. State and federal agencies, conservation partners, and especially the volunteer grassroots efforts of our local PF/QF chapters, then make conservation happen.

Capitol Hunters

Conservation Policy: Our Advocacy Work

A handful of federal legislation initiatives shape conservation and wildlife programs that direct billions of dollars and impact hundreds of millions of acres. These funding mechanisms help manage wildlife populations, provide hunting access, and ultimately shape our hunting experience on public and private lands.

Pheasants Forever’s Governmental Affairs team advocates for good conservation, wildlife and habitat policy. It’s hard work to help enact (or oppose) any type of legislation, reauthorize current programs, and appropriate funds to allow authorized programs to function as intended. That’s what we do for upland wildlife: We engage on these legislative priorities, often with a coalition of other conservation groups and partners.

You, as a Pheasants Forever grassroots member and supporter, are key to these efforts. When we ask, we need you to engage and advocate with your phone calls, emails or personalized letters to your legislators and our agency partners. Your voice matters, and often makes the difference in these efforts.

For us to secure a bright future for wildlife habitat conservation, we also need your financial support of our legislative and policy efforts to provide the resources needed to advocate on your behalf in the halls of Congress. Please make a gift in support of our Legislative efforts today by donating now!

For More Information Contact:

Jim Inglis

Jim Inglis
Director of Governmental Affairs

Bethany Erb

Bethany Erb
Washington, D.C. Representative