Rooster Road Trip XII The Dakotas



This year’s Rooster Road Trip was unlike anything we produced the previous 11 seasons. The most notable difference was shifting this historically semi-live production to an online series. That’s right, the crew struggling to find WI-FI in the middle of nowhere was no longer an impediment to telling a good story.

That said, all of the content was still captured on publicly accessible land over the course of one week, the week of October 17th to be exact, and all of the video episodes and accompanying podcasts and photo galleries can now be found below.

Although the format of was different this year, our overall goal never wavered. We wanted to show that with a little ambition and a lot of boot leather, public land birds can be had by you and anyone who’s willing to purchase a license and explore the fantastic upland landscapes available to all of us.

So sit back and ride shotgun as we traveled the uplands of North Dakota and South Dakota highlighting publicly-accessible lands, habitat projects, great people, and equally great bird dogs.

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