Pheasants Forever FAQs


About Pheasants Forever

What is Pheasants Forever all about?


How do I join Pheasants Forever?


How much is it to join Pheasants Forever?


I joined Pheasants Forever, but I haven't received any issue of the magazine. What's going on?


Habitat/Hunting Questions

If I see a Pheasants Forever Habitat Cooperator sign, does this mean as a member of Pheasants Forever I can hunt on this land?


I own some land and I want to work on improving the habitat. Who can I talk to about this?


Where can I find information on stocking pheasants?


Where can I hunt?


When does hunting season begin?



I'm a Pheasants Forever chapter officer and I don't know how to access the Chapter Resource Portal.


How do I find information on my local banquet?


All Other Issues

How do I contact Pheasants Forever?