Strom Lake WPA Adds Public Access to Blue Earth, Brown Counties in Minnesota

Pheasants Forever is pleased to announce a new habitat expansion in Blue Earth and Brown counties in central Minnesota. Strom Lake Waterfowl Production area sits due west of Mankato and is made up of both upland and wetland habitat. 
“We’re really excited and proud of the work that went into the Strom Lake project,” said Eran Sandquist, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s Minnesota state coordinator. “This property adds a significant piece of habitat to the southern Minnesota habitat corridor, and will now be open to hunters for generations to come.”
The property was previously owned by Minnesota residents John and Diana Benson. As avid sportsman and conservationists, the Benson’s worked with local Pheasants Forever team members to facilitate the sale, as well as volunteers from the Blue Earth and Brown County chapters.
“Both Blue Earth and Brown County Pheasants Forever have a long history of working strategically to not only protect important tracts like Strom Lake, but restore them to their full habitat potential and open them up for everyone to use and enjoy,” Sandquist said. “We also thank the Outdoor Heritage Fund and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for helping to make this project a reality. The power of partnerships is on full display as we strive to put the habitat puzzle pieces back together across the Minnesota landscape..”
The Strom lake addition features upland and wetland habitat, and is home to pheasants, waterfowl and numerous non-game species. The majority of the parcel has been restored to native grasses and forbs. Wetlands will be restored to their full extent to create an excellent outdoor recreation with a mixture of restored prairie and restored wetlands.
“Both Pheasants Forever team members and volunteers worked very hard to keep the sale rolling and to make it as easy as possible,” Benson said. “Diana and I are really pleased that we did our part for public hunting and for the environment.”
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