A Bird Dog Named


Hunting is a personal affair for those who chase wild game, no matter their geography, race, or creed. We invite you to follow along as Hmong hunter and conservationist, Keng Yang, takes us on a journey through his family’s unique past, and ultimately, his future as a hunter and ambassador for the uplands.

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Before immigrating from Laos, Keng's father and uncles hunted to survive. However, growing up in urban America, Keng found himself conflicted with his culture’s history of subsistence hunting - and hunting in general. Only through time spent connecting with his community, their food, and experiencing the camaraderie found within the pursuit of wild game, did Keng learn to see hunting in a new light.

Instrumental in Keng’s evolution as a hunter was the love he found for a bird dog named Kaiya. In fact, it was Kaiya who eventually tipped the scales and inspired him to fully embrace an important part of his culture; the part he previously rejected.

This is the story of Keng and Kaiya.