Pheasants forever & Quail Forever: Ohio

Private Land Technical Assistance

Pheasants Forever employs a team of wildlife professionals to assist private landowners across Ohio with their conservation needs. This technical assistance program provides wildlife habitat guidance and conservation education to enhance wildlife habitat for farmers, ranchers and landowners.


With our team of Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists, Precision Ag & Conservation Specialist and Grassland & Grazing Coordinator roles we can meet the needs and interests of every landowner. Our experts also help state and federal partners implement conservation programs like CRP and EQIP to provide landowners with financial assistance for wildlife habitat projects.

Our Precision Ag & Conservation Specialist and Grassland & Grazing Coordinator positions allow us to use on-farm data to determine if and where conservation practices can be used to increase profits. Using economics to drive wildlife habitat programs, we can help deliver our mission while improving the financial sustainability of the farm.

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  • Began in 2005
  • Averages over 2,200 landowner contacts each year
  • Averages over 23,000 acres affected each year
  • Delivers conservation education to thousands each year through outreach events

Public Land Habitat impacts

Land in Ohio is overwhelmingly in private ownership, but public land plays a key role in supporting upland habitat for wildlife and providing opportunity for upland hunters. PF & QF strive to enhance and restore upland habitat on public lands in strategic regions of Ohio while also helping to increase access to public lands in the state.


The Habitat Share program enhances and restores upland habitat on existing public lands. In partnership with the ODNR’s Division of Wildlife, PF & QF provides a match contribution to enable increased spending of federal funds for improvement on public lands in Ohio. This partnership gives us a voice regarding upland habitat management on public land and allows us to help prioritize the types and locations of projects that will deliver the most impact to our mission. The result is quality upland habitat, that is publicly accessible with sustainable and huntable populations of wild pheasants and bobwhite quail.


The Build A Wildlife Area program is PF & QF’s tool to acquire and restore critical wildlife habitat and open it to public recreation. The goal is to add acres to existing large tracts of contiguous, protected upland habitat that will enhance upland hunting opportunity of wild pheasants and bobwhite quail in Ohio.

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  • Three land acquisitions completed to date of about 800 acres
  • Enhancement and restoration of public upland habitat through Habitat Share, targeted to directly effect the remaining core populations of wild pheasants and bobwhite quail
  • The Foreman Property was the first land acquisition in the country for PF & QF’s Forever Land Trust program

Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs. Your support will directly impact this critical habitat mission.

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Education and Outreach Programs


Are you interested in getting involved, but not sure where to start? Pheasants Forever's Habitat Education and Hunting Heritage programs were developed to grow an informed  public that appreciates and supports wildlife habitat conservation.

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Pheasants Forever’s unique grassroots model and chapter system is set up to vastly change the conservation climate for the better. But this can only happen with the support of people like you. Are you passionate about hunting and habitat? Do you want to give back to a tradition that has given you so many memories afield? Do you want to make a difference for your local wildlife? Do you want to leave a legacy for future hunters?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you need to get involved. To put it simply, more Pheasants Forever members equal more acres of habitat, more birds, and more public lands to hunt. Contact your local chapter to get involved today!


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