Hunting & Heritage,Shotguns & Shooting  |  10/10/2017

Browning Shotguns Going the Miles


Review: Citori Feather and Cynergy Field Make Choosing One Tough

One absolute truth about Big Sky Country: There is no shortage of Montana miles to cover. The dogs are starting to feel it … and so are the hunters. 

At the end of a long day, legs are tired. But arms get a workout too. The shotgun you’re carrying makes a huge difference in how you feel … and how you shoot when miles and hours are behind you. 

By design, this year’s Rooster Road Trip shotguns are lightweights in the pounds department but heavyweights in performance. The only trouble is choosing between these two classic, fast-swinging over/unders – Browning’s Citori Feather Lightning and Cynergy Field models.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences we’ve noticed over the miles. We’re shooting 12 gauges because of the potential shooting distances for spooky sharptails and elusive Huns, and because of the innate toughness and will-to-live of wild Montana roosters.


Both shotguns feature handsome black walnut stocks, and lightweight aluminum alloy receivers (each in silver nitride finish) that are handsomely engraved with upland scenes. 

Both shotguns swing like charms and “carry easy” in the crook of an arm or over a shoulder.

Both shotguns are chambered for 3-inch shells; this offers additional versatility if you want to shoot a gobbler or goose with one sometime.

Add Browning’s trademark gold plated trigger finish to both firearms.



At an even 7.0 pounds, the Citori Feather weighs 9 ounces less than the 7.9-pound Cynergy Field. That’s 12%. Those 9 ounces will make a difference for some shooters … and for anybody when the sun is on its way down.

The Cynergy Field features Browning’s adjustable Cynergy Inflex recoil pad, which easily customizes the firearm to different sized shooters.

The Citori Feather’s more-traditional lightning style stock is extremely slender in the grip; that feels good in the hand. The forearm is rounded at front end. 

The Cynergy Field offers a more contemporary look and low profile in the stock, and overall.

Stock finish is gloss oil on the Citori Feather, satin on the Cynergy Field. Both are holding up well to the challenges of October in Montana.


Cop-pout time: You can’t go wrong with eIther of these classic Brownings! But if you need some decision-making help, here you go:

The shooter in quest of a traditional look and less weight is going to love the Citori Feather. It’s the shotgun of a lifetime for the average blue-collar guy, which is what we are.

The shooter who likes a more modern look and can carry a few extra pounces for the day will lean toward the Cynergy Field.

The MSRPs for either shotgun are within $300 of each other ($2179 for the Citori Feather, $1869 for the Cynergy Field), a difference of more or less peanuts when you’re talking shotguns of this quality.