Wyoming Pheasant Hunting Forecast 2020


Another average winter may not be enough to off-set a drought that looks to impact pheasant hunting in Wyoming this fall

By Andy Fondrick, Digital Marketing Specialist at Pheasants Forever​

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Pheasants didn’t take much of a hit during the winter months, but the unusually dry summer has led to a less than promising outlook for upland birds during the 2020 season. Martin Hicks, wildlife biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, indicates hunters may need to pay close attention to stocking plans to find success this fall. 


While birds may have escaped from potentially harsh winter months, they may not have been so lucky as temperatures began to rise.

“It was another average winter and with average survival,” Hicks says. “But Wyoming has been experiencing a terrible drought and anticipate a sharp decline in brood production and survival.”


According to Hicks, upland habitat was already in poor condition and the current drought conditions have made for below-average habitat conditions. “We conduct roadside crow count surveys in the extreme southeast portion of Wyoming,” says Hicks. “This year’s survey numbers, while similar to past years, were far lower than they we’re 15-20 years ago.”


When it comes to hunting pheasants in Wyoming this year, Hicks suggests hitting areas where birds have been stocked. “The best hunting spots are areas where the WGFD stocks pheasants,” says Hicks. “These areas include: Springer Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA), Glendo State Park, Platte County Walk-In Areas (WIA), Goshen County, Laramie County, Table Mountain WHMA, Ocean Lake WHMA and Yellowtail WHMA to name a few.”


Hicks suggests logging on to the Wyoming Game and Fish Website to check out follow the WGFD stocking plans if you’re interested in a few planted birds.


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