Habitat & Conservation  |  06/21/2023

Podcast Ep. 219: A Pollinator Week Celebration of Monarch Butterflies

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by PF & QF’s Habitat Education Program Manager Anna Swerczek and Monarch Joint Venture’s Executive Director Wendy Caldwell for a special Pollinator Week episode. The group’s conversation centers upon the habitat intersection between pheasants, quail, and pollinating insects with special attention focused on the monarch butterfly.  

Episode Highlights:
  • Swerzcek compares pollinator habitat plantings to food plots for pheasant and quail chicks who feast on the insects these pollinator plants nurture.  
  • Caldwell explains the fascinating migration and life cycle of monarch butterflies.  She also heralds the benefits of PF & QF’s habitat mission for pheasants and quail, and highlights that habitat work’s benefits to monarchs and a wide array of pollinating species. 
  • Swerzcek also breaks down this year’s special Pollinator Week offer which includes a PF or QF membership, a Pollinator Week sticker, and six pollinator plant plugs that are geographically-appropriate based upon the purchaser’s location. 
Learn more at PheasantsForever.org/PollinatorWeek or QuailForever.org/PollinatorWeek.

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