Bird Dogs & Training  |  06/14/2023

Podcast Ep. 218: The Wednesday Night Dog Training Group with John Zeman

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by a group of folks who have trained their bird dogs together every Wednesday night for the last four years under the tutelage of amateur dog trainer John Zeman. In a change-up in formats, St.Pierre starts and ends the episode talking to John Zeman with six rounds of conversations in between.

Episode Highlights:  
  • David Abel talks about his two wirehaired pointing griffons and his plans to bird hunt on horseback while camping this coming hunting season.
  • Callie Brown talks about the fun process of introducing her husband, Chris, to bird hunting and bird dogs through her long friendship with the Zeman family.  
  • Xoua Shower Xiong & Andre Xiong talk about becoming adult-onset bird hunters as a young married couple, and the importance their shorthairs now occupy in their lives. They also talk about their love for chasing prairie grouse in the Nebraska Sandhills. 
  • Julia Schrenkler returns to our podcast reminiscing about how her first shorthair, Wren, lead her to become a bird hunter ten years ago, and the importance of Wednesday evenings with the Zeman group for training her new pup, Nixie.  
  • Richard Hansen explains the circumstances leading him to getting a German shorthair as the COVID pandemic started and how his pup, Debbie, has pushed him headfirst into training, bird hunting, and wildlife habitat conservation.  
  • Paul Godfrey offers a variety of “dad” jokes as he explains his reactivation back into hunting through the addition of a Brittany puppy after coaching youth hockey during the last thirty years. 

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