Habitat & Conservation  |  08/24/2022

Podcast Ep. 180: Answering the Call of the Uplands with Jim Millensifer

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Jordan Martincich, PF & QF’s director of development, for a conversation with Jim Millensifer, a long-time PF & QF volunteer and donor who is also president of the Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic. The guys chat about the organization’s 9-million-acre Call of the Uplands campaign and how the Kansas Ringneck Classic has contributed acres, access, and dollars to the campaign. Long-time hunting buddies, Martincich and Millensifer also debate the prowess between pretty dogs (Setters) and ugly dogs (wirehairs).  

Episode Highlights:  
  • Martincich and Millensifer explain the origins of the Kansas Ringneck Classic, how it’s become a cherished event for the community of Colby, Kansas, and how it’s become a critical fundraiser for PF & QF’s habitat mission. 
  • Millensifer also talks about his passion for hunting upland birds from his native Colorado to his current home in western Kansas, and to destinations as far south as Arizona up to the northern ruffed grouse woods of Minnesota.  In the process, he explains what scares him to death about the future of the uplands.   
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