Podcast Ep. 175: Bird Hunting Stories with The Flush’s Travis Frank & Bill Sherck

e3073256-908d-4b2f-934c-1771ae3eb0db Earlier this month, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever began our 17th year partnering with Ron Schara Productions to bring our love for upland bird hunting and our habitat mission to television. In this episode, Host Bob St.Pierre swings over to the offices of Ron Schara Productions to visit with two of The Flush’s hosts, Travis Frank and Bill Sherck. This, however, isn’t your ordinary television series preview show.  On the contrary, the fellas talk about some of their favorite bird hunting and bird dog stories . . . and laughter ensues. 

Episode Highlights:  
  • In the spirit of the NFL Draft, the guys name the single best bird dogs they’ve ever hunted behind. 
  • Bob tells the story of how he taught his first shorthair, Trammell, to actually say, “I love you.” 
  • And the guys talk about being trolled in social media by commenters who say things like “those aren’t wild birds,” “you’re a terrible wingshooter,” and “your bird dog is awful.”