Habitat & Conservation  |  04/14/2023

Order Seed Now for Habitat Later


Superior wildlife habitat for every season with the PF & QF Signature Series Food and Cover Mixes

Spring temperatures are in the air (at northern latitudes maybe for the first time) after a winter of heavy snows that left behind a white desert across the northern Great Plains and upper Midwest. This past winter serves as a good reminder to upland enthusiasts about the importance of a secure and robust food source. Similarly, the songs of gobbling turkeys, crowing roosters and whistling quail should remind us about the need for quality nesting and brood rearing cover. 
If you have plans to improve your upland habitat with food plots, nesting cover, brood-rearing cover or pollinator habitat, now is the time to order seed.

Why order now?

  1. Most have heard the phrase, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now.”  Upland habitat may not take decades to establish, but to provide a secure food source next winter, you need to plant one now. And quality native grassland mix may take 3-4 years to develop. 
  2. April is the most popular month for ordering seed, whether ordering an annual food plot (i.e. Blizzard Buster, Covey Rise, Dove Kandy) or a native perennial mix (i.e. CRP, pollinator, SAFE). Most of the seed will get put into the ground in April and May, so ordering today ensures a habitat manager has the seed when the weather and site conditions are optimal. 
  3. Seed purchased through the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Seed Program includes free shipping and is 10% off through May 19 when you enter the promo code coupon “UPLANDCALL” at checkout on web orders placed through the Habitat Store at PFHabitatStore.com
  4. In some cases, delaying your seed order could result in a species being unavailable or limited (increasing cost).
  5. Procrastination often will cause a habitat manager to purchase without comparing costs.  Seed pricing varies widely between suppliers – ALWAYS get multiple quotes.

Big Buck Brassica

Where to get your seed? 

There is no shortage of seed sources available to habitat enthusiasts.  Food plot mixes take up multiple isles in farm and sporting goods stores and most county USDA service centers can provide landowners contact lists for seed suppliers. And of course, our recommendation is to purchase through the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Habitat Store; here’s why:
  1. Our Team are Professional Wildlife Biologists. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever staff across the country design mixes specifically to address local, state and federal programs, practices, standards and specifications.
  2. Our Passion is Wildlife. Pheasants and Quail are the ambassadors of our logos. However, pollinators, deer, turkey and many other wildlife also benefit from our efforts. 
  3. Our Mission is Habitat. Historically, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever have completed 567,000 habitat projects improving 22 million acres. Three hundred biologists, 700 chapters, and thousands of volunteers provide us a wealth of experience — and maximize the success of habitat projects.
  4. Affordability. Our passion and mission drive us toward more acres of better habitat for wildlife, and our objective is to ensure cooperators can afford high quality mixes.
  5. Purchase with a Purpose. 100% of the proceeds from our seed program support our mission of putting more habitat on the ground, youth in our fields and birds in the air.

Good luck with your habitat projects and thank you for your continued support.  Think Habitat!