Hunting & Heritage  |  03/05/2020

Conservation Community Center: New Women on the Wing Webpage


Pheasants Forever launches new site to connect and cultivate sportswomen for the uplands

By Marissa Jensen

At its heart, Pheasants Forever has always been about community: a place where all are welcome to celebrate the beauty of the uplands and everything they encompass – habitat, wildlife and hunting. Our Women on the Wing initiative is an essential part of that mission: a common ground for like-minded individuals who are passionate about conservation.

The movement includes everything from the women who are represented within each position at The Habitat Organization, to the volunteers, landowners, instructors, mentors and leaders who are working hard to make conservation decisions daily. Pheasants Forever recognizes and values the trailblazing women who came before us, those who are setting the stage for Women on the Wing right now, and those who are carving a clear path for the young leaders of our future.

In that spirit, and in honor of the upcoming International Women’s Day, we’re excited to launch our Women on the Wing webpage: a place to learn, connect and explore. Each month we will share new stories, YOUR stories, as we grow this vibrant community.

The uplands need us – all of us – to come together and be one strong, unified voice for the places that we enjoy and the lands we have yet to explore. Spread the news, become a member, support the cause and take part.
This is your website, your initiative. Get involved, and join the upland community today.