Recipes & Cooking  |  07/12/2017

Giblet Secrets

Giblets (heart, liver and gizzard) are the gems of a bird’s cavity, though during the warmer months of pheasant season, some hunters opt to remove and discard them afield in an effort to keep their birds cool. 
But giblets’ culinary versatility may warrant a bit of extra effort. If you’re planning to walk several miles before returning to a cooler, carry a loosely hanging, well-ventilated bag to store game and giblets, as opposed to stacking birds in a game vest; body heat prevents game from properly cooling. A Ziploc bag for collecting giblets is a good idea in cooler weather.
During the plucking or cleaning process later, serious gravy gurus also prefer to save the neck, since it remains an essential component for classic home-style gravy, such as for Spatchcock Pheasant.
Here are four reasons to save giblets and necks from your birds:
  • A pheasant heart briefly seared in bacon grease left over from breakfast is probably one of the simplest, most delicious benefits of dressing wild game.
  • Gizzards cleaned and saved over the course of a few hunts make for a great beer-battered, fried appetizer during football season.
  • A pound of livers makes for fantastic pâté, another sports season option.
  • All giblets plus neck, when seared or roasted, are the basis for amazing gravy, such as with Spatchcock Pheasant