Indiana makes history with new apprentice hunting license

Pheasants Forever plays lead role in creating new license

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Indiana - May 15 -

This past legislative session lawmakers created Indiana’s first apprentice hunting license. The new license allows first time hunters to try sporting under the supervision of an adult without having to first complete hunter’s safety education. If the hunter wishes to pursue sport hunting then the hunter must complete hunter’s safety education class. The idea of course is to get the new hunter involved, and recruit new members into the ranks of sport hunting.

Pheasant Forever had a lead role in the new license with Jack Corpuz, Legislative Chair of the Pheasants Forever Indiana State Council, being the one to first introduce the idea to the legislative 2007 Summer Study Committee. Working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and other conservation partners, Jack testified before the regular session’s legislative committees. This effort also included grass root support from other Pheasant Forever chapters around the state, communicating to their legislators with letters and emails.

“Two things are needed to keep pheasant hunting as we know it. First sportsmen must make their voices heard in the political process, and second we need to recruit new hunters to carry on the tradition,” states Jack Corpuz. “Working with our conservation partners, the Indiana Sportsmen’s Roundtable, and Indiana Wildlife Federation, we accomplished this.”

“Creating the new apprentice hunting licenses really compliments Pheasants Forever’s youth hunting program,” said Rick Lopez, President, Pheasants Forever Indiana State Council. “This really gives us another tool to introduce more youth to sport hunting and the conservation ethic.”

The Pheasants Forever Indiana State Council is a state level organization with membership open to all chapters. The Council works at both the state and federal levels promoting conservation and sport hunting. Council has been most active promoting the Federal Farm Bill conservation programs. The Council regularly communicates with Indiana’s federal legislators on the importance of habitat programs such as CRP and WRP.

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Pheasants Forever is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants, quail and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvement, land management, public awareness and education. Such efforts benefit landowners and wildlife alike.