Five Question Friday: Greg Sebald

Five Question Friday: Greg Sebald

Five Question Friday with Greg Sebald. Sebald served on Pheasants Forever's National Board of Directors for 13 years. He retired from the board in 2003.

PF: Your earliest pheasant hunting memory?

GS: I remember walking next to my grandfather who had his model 97 in hand, in the soil bank days of the 60's, 10 years old and not old enough to carry a gun. He hunted the railroad tracks near Mankato. The gray muzzled lab "Queenie" would go off the tracks periodically and down the railroad bed. Birds were all over. She caught 22 birds that season and every one she caught was a rooster. She didn't catch hens. That hooked me on pheasant hunting.....the problem was when I was old enough, the soil bank program was over and so were the pheasants.....until CRP came to be with help from PF.

PF: The three words that describe you best are...?

GS: Friendly, dependable, and persistent. Some of my friends would say....liar fisherman, wannabeoutdoorsman, and lousy shot.

PF: Oldest item in your wallet?

GS: A ½ of a dollar bill won in a bet between three of us on the first rooster taken in that South Dakota season (two of us shot at the same time, the dollar used to belong to Pat Mulroy).

PF: Your favorite author is _____?

GS: Andy Rooney, Shawn Perich, Steven Ambrose, Aldo Leopold...I have lots of favorites!

PF: Before you die, you'd like to hunt _____ (species) in _____ (place)?

GS: Pheasants in my own backyard with my grandson and the best dog I ever had.

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